SALAMANCA — The opening of a new business Cupcaked Bakery on Main has been in the works this summer at 79 Main St., and customers can begin buying tasty treats this Wednesday.

Owners Annie and Scott Coe have been working around the clock to get their second location up and running. With its distinctive pink color-scheme, the place is hard to miss.

The Coes are bringing Annie’s delicious gourmet cupcakes and handcrafted desserts to Salamanca, but the second location will have items on the menu not offered at the Ellicottville location.

The expanded menu will highlight pierogies and include breakfast sandwiches, smoothies, flavored coffees, breads, bagels, croissants, soups, salads, homemade butters, artisan breads and more. Annie said they are adding the artisan breads and butters to the Ellicottville location, which is doing very well.

“The baked goods are coming over from Ellicottville. We’ll be making all the cupcakes fresh here,” Annie said. “People shopping at the Salamanca location will be able to purchase the same special gourmet desserts including cupcakes, cakes, bars and cookies also offered in Ellicottville.”

Known for her gourmet cupcakes, Annie describes her baking-style as simplistic, trying to make her baked goods as natural as possible and simple, but elegant. She said they like to think of their business as a Pinterest inspired bakery and watch the current trends.

According to Annie, after three years of operating as a dessert bakery in Ellicottville, they are branded as such. With so many restaurants in Ellicottville, she said there’s no need for a place serving soups, salads and other menu items like that, but there is a need in Salamanca.

Although Annie has never attended culinary school, she is very passionate about baking, which is something she developed as a young girl while baking with her grandmother, Sue Magara. She has a natural flair for decorating and puts her own creative touch on both her desserts and their business.

After graduating from Salamanca High School, Annie attended Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania where she received her bachelor’s degree in event planning. With baking in her heart and the training to do event planning, her bakery business was bound to happen.

Prior to opening Cupcaked Bakery in Ellicottville, Annie managed banquets and restaurants working 50 to 60 hours a week. As a restaurant manager, she required the full cooperation of everyone on each shift, so she incentivized her staff by baking for them. Impressed with her cupcakes, they told her she should open a bakery.

“Scott and I talked about it, and in April 2017 we started taking orders. We worked out of our home kitchen in Cheektowaga and sold the products online,” she said. “I ended up not sleeping from Thursday to Saturday because I was working at the restaurant, plus doing and filling the orders.”

Feeling it was too much for her to work elsewhere while preparing and filling the orders, the couple decided to do the business full-time. Annie said when they did several different farmers’ markets, the cupcakes took off like crazy and she outgrew her home bakery. She was driving through Ellicottville one day on her way to the Salamanca Farmers’ Market when she saw the business space at 22 Monroe St.

Now residing in Great Valley, Annie said her husband helps out on weekends because he has a full-time job and works from home these days.

Annie said opening a location in Salamanca was a “no-brainer” for her because it’s where she grew up. She feels like she’s helping to bring Salamanca back to the olden days that her parents and grandparents remember.

“It’s sad to drive down (Salamanca) and not see any of the storefronts open, so to be on Main Street and help bring it back to life is really cool to me,” she said.

As far as opening a second location, Annie said she has always wanted to own more of a restaurant or food establishment, and there wasn’t a need in Ellicottville.

“To be able to come to Salamanca and bring breakfast food and healthier meals is my driving force,” she said. “Just to come back to my hometown and provide something there is a demand for is really satisfying to me.”

The Salamanca location will be open Wednesday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, call (716) 265-2283, email or visit online.

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