Ski Denton

The former Ski Denton was operated at Denton Hill State Park in Potter County, Pa. until 2014.

More than six years after Denton Hill State Park closed to skiers, Pennsylvania is one step closer to increasing outdoor fun at the Potter County park.

State Parks Director John Hallas said Tuesday that the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is requesting proposals for the operation of a four-season recreation center — with downhill skiing — at Denton Hill. The state park is located along U.S. Route 6 in Ulysses Township.

“This is great news for area residents as the park’s downhill ski slope has been closed since the winter of 2014,” said state Rep. Martin Causer, R-Turtlepoint, on social media after hearing the news. “A new master plan for the park includes infrastructure improvements to the ski area and positions a concessionaire to grow recreational opportunities in all four seasons.”

Causer noted that DCNR has committed $10 million to support implementing the park’s master plan.

In February, Causer and state Rep. Clint Owlett, R-Wellsboro, met with DCNR representatives to ensure that the project keeps moving forward.

At that time, the DCNR told Causer and Owlett that the department was preparing to seek a concessionaire. Then, DCNR plans to move forward with the design phase for park improvements.

“The department is seeking a concessionaire to lease approximately 700 acres and work with DCNR to create a year-round park operation with a winter mountain recreation focus,” Hallas said on Tuesday. “DCNR believes with infrastructure improvements and the right partner Denton Hill will become another attraction that brings visitors to the Pennsylvania Wilds region in all four seasons.”

The DCNR plans to work with the concessionaire “to help identify and prioritize improvements,” according to a press release from the department.

The department asks that interested parties visit the park to see the condition of its facilities.

“The park was developed by DCNR as a specialized ski area in the early 1950s,” the DCNR explained. “All permanent infrastructure at Denton Hill is owned by DCNR and is in need of major rehabilitation and modernization to bring it to acceptable industry standards.”

People can arrange a visit by calling the Bureau of State Parks regional office at (814) 486-3365 to arrange a visit to the facility. Proposals are due June 9, and DCNR will start reviewing them June 16.

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