It occurs to me that some of your readership may be wondering how it happens that Joe Biden could be declared the 2020 presidential election winner by the major news organizations even as Donald Trump's MAGA rallies all over 'Merica overflowed, again and again and again, with enthusiastic Jeeeezus Patriots, Mexico Wall fans and 2A Lovers.

Here's how we did it.

Planning began quietly and informally several years ago whenever we found ourselves with a minyan at our local underground BLM, antifa or DNC meetups. Many and various tactics and strategies to unseat Trump were carefully considered and ultimately rejected as too obviously subversive, traitorous or illegal.

That is, until funding began arriving in under-the-table "research grants" from Bezos, Gates, Obama and, of course Soros. Now with the necessary resources at our disposal, our course of action became obvious.

We printed up 20 million facsimile mail-in voter ballots pertaining to the dozen known, highly contested swing states — but with a twist. When the voting citizen fills in the circle or otherwise marks "Biden," the vote, of course, goes for Biden. But when the voting citizen fills in the circle or otherwise marks "Trump," the ballot is so configured that the vote will actually read in the machine not for Trump but for Biden.

And, finally, every 10th vote filled in or otherwise marked for a Democratic congressional or senatorial candidate is actually read in the machine as counting for the Republican candidate.

Why would we radical BLM/antifa/DNC/Bezos/Gates/Obama/Soros subversives intentionally grant Dem congressional votes to conservatives, you ask? To allay suspicion of vote tampering. Clearly, once Biden wins over Trump, but during the selfsame election, using this selfsame ballot system, a whole pile of liberal politicians lost political office, no one would ever begin to suspect that massive tampering was behind our Biden presidential victory.

And that’s the whole story. It goes without saying that this should all be kept strictly amongst ourselves. I just thought folks here in the Olean area would be curious to hear the story of how it all actually played out, unvarnished and devoid the usual snide political sarcasm.

(Rick Buffington lives in Portville.)

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