U.S. Rep. Tom Reed said Tuesday an amendment to a House appropriations bill approved last week would require a national security review if Siemens continues with plans to move manufacturing at the Dresser-Rand plant in Wellsville to other Siemens plants.

The Dresser-Rand plant manufactures pumps and compressors used on many of the U.S. Navy’s ships — all the way up to aircraft carriers.

The military would have to report on the national security implications of moving the equipment — but not the personnel to operate it — from Wellsville’s Dresser-Rand plant to another Siemens plant.

Last month, Reed managed to get an amendment approved to the Defense Appropriations Bill to trigger a national security review of Siemens’ plans to ship out the work done at the Dresser-Rand plant to other sites in 2020. It will mean the loss of up to 250 skilled union jobs.

Reed said the moves were designed to send “a clear sign that there is strong support in the House and this is not going to go unchecked. We have serious questions.”

He added: “If I were Siemens I’d see this as a strong message to reconsider their position.”

Reed said Curtis-Wright, which purchased part of the Dresser-Rand Wellsville business from Siemens, plans to keep 70 to 100 of the jobs at Wellsville — even if the current manufacturing goes to other sites.

“There will still be activity in Wellsville,” Reed said.

Siemens also plans to keep a group of engineers and other professionals at the Center of Excellence in Wellsville, Reed said. They will act as support services for other Siemens plants.

The jobs will be separate from the nearly 300 additional jobs expected to be added the Center for Excellence at Siemens Olean plant, Reed said.

The Corning Republican credited New York Sens. Charles Schumer, the Senate minority leader, and Kirsten Gillibrand for their efforts to encourage Siemens to reconsider its sale of a portion of the business to Curtiss-Wright and moving the rest to Siemens plants in North Carolina.

“It’s gaining traction,” Reed said of his efforts. He said it was causing “Curtis Wright and Siemens to reconsider their decision.”

Reed said his goal was to keep as many manufacturing jobs as possible there going forward.

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