New York legislators cheered and applauded the night after Gov. Andrew Cuomo and our State Senate removed restrictions on late-term abortions, allowing unborn babies to be aborted up until the day of birth.

And now our governor and our highly educated state representatives have passed another state law — banning the declawing of cats.

So, now by law, we cannot declaw vour cat because it would have sore feet for a couple of days with bandaged paws. However, we can have a doctor cut up and suck out a baby from a pregnant female up to the day of delivery and/or just let the baby lie on the delivery table until it dies.

What path is this “civilized” world taking? If one believes in God, maker of heaven and earth, man and woman, one does not allow the actual killing of babies before and after birth. If you think your cat needs to be declawed you have that God-given control over your cat even if your cat has sore bandaged feet for a couple of days.

If your dentist decides that your 4-year-old daughter needs a tooth pulled, your daughter will not have to have her feet bandaged but she will have a sore jaw for awhile. A little pain is part of life that everyone experiences.

Abortions, the killing of unborn babies, is not just a part of life. Abortions are the killing of people, not animals.

Dick Anderson, Allegany