The 2021 Winter Travel League will hold its first league trap shoot on Sunday, Jan. 3 at the Portville Conservation Club.

Participants will shoot at five different area clubs on Sunday mornings during the season, which runs through March 21. Events will be held at Portville, Richburg, Genesee Valley (Caneadea), Olean and Cuba.

The upcoming season will mark the 31st year for the Winter Travel League as an organization. Shooters must sign up to shoot by noon. The league is once again open to anyone that would like to try their hand at trap shooting. Newcomers are welcome.

Youth shooters ages 12-17 will require signed parental permission. Girls are also encouraged to participate in the league.

Shooters have the option of shooting 50 clay targets at each club twice or 100 targets once at each club. The last day to join the league is Feb. 7 at Portville, the beginning of the second round. The club representatives for the league are: Randy Hill (Portville Conservation Club), Jon Reitz (Richburg Rod & Gun Club), Lynn Pomeroy (Genesee Valley Conservation Club), Kurt Ireland (Olean Rod & Gun Club) and Bill Malone (Cuba Rod & Gun Club).

Shooters must complete the entire 500-target regular season program to be eligible for season-ending awards, including high-gun, runner-up, third place, high lady shooter and high junior shooter, plus a couple of special recognition awards.

Eligible shooters will also compete in a special season-ending, 50-bird, three-class trophy shoot to be held at the Genesee Valley Conservation Club (the league’s host club for the 2021 season) on Sunday, March 21. The event will begin at 9 a.m. with a steak dinner and awards to follow.

The $15 league fee will be waived for the 2021 season for those shooters that were members of the league in 2020. This is due to the fact last year’s season-ending festivities had to be cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. Also of note, no breakfasts will be served during the upcoming season, again due to COVID-19.

The league fee of $15 covers the steak dinner and the trophies and awards. Last year, 61 members from Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania participated, but as always the league willingly accepts new members.

The schedule for the first half of the season is as follows:


3, Portville

10, Richburg

17, Genesee Valley

24, Olean

31, Cuba

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