G2 Gymnastics

Pictured is the G2 Gymnastics team that recently competed at the Comedy Classic Gymnastics Invitational in Falconer. Front row (from left): Reagan Taylor, Shelby Chamberlain, Ava LaBella, Aralyn Jennings, Mae Joyce, Brinley Rossrucker, Ariyanna Knowlton, Kennadie Beck, Mialyn Hite and Ana Haynes. Second row: Harper Joyce, Cenadee Ainsworth, Payton Danforth, Liera Porter, Kaylee Oswald, Emmaleigh Nothem-Orcutt, Tessa Rendos, Ella Bee and Emily Cobb. Third row: Hannah Bunk, Ava Gentzyel, Skyler Cooper, Makiah Jandrew, Reese Thompson, Cadence Taylor, Kenadee Kinnaird, Kaitlyn Gentzyel and Carly Reed. Back Row: Corrine Wilcox, Aliya Corignani, Irelyn Rounsville, Lauren Perry, Eliana Curcio, Serena Frederick, Ashley Oswald and Laci Miller.

FALCONER — G2 Gymnastics of Shinglehouse recently participated in the Comedy Classic Gymnastics Invitational hosted by Flyers Gymnastics. Over 230 gymnasts represented clubs from New York and Pennsylvania, including 38 G2 team members.

The G2 XCEL team won in the team division, the Level 3s taking second and Level 4s finishing third.

G2 also brought home over 100 individual awards including event champions: Level 3-Shelby Chamberlain (vault 9.45, floor-8.95), Skyler Cooper (bars 9.10), Ana Haynes (bars 9.10, floor 8.90), Kenadee Kinnaird (beam 9.15); Level 4-Carly Reed (vault 9.0), Catence Taylor (bars 8.80, beam 8.80, floor 9.05); Level 6-Irelyn Rounsville (vault 8.75, floor 9.05); XCEL Silver-Ava Gentzyel (bars 9.50, beam 9.50), Hannah Bunk (floor 9.30), Makiah Jandrew (vault 9.40), Addison Amidon (bars 9.70, beam 9.40, floor 9.50), Emmaleigh Nothem-Orcutt (vault 9.20); XCEL Gold-Reese Thompson (bars 9.10), Serena Frederick (vault 9.30, beam 9.70), Lauren Perry (bars 9.35); XCEL Platinum-Corrine Wilcox (vault 9.55). All Around champions include: Shelby Chamberlain (34.70), Ana Haynes (36.10), Catence Taylor (34.85), Ava Gentzyel (37.20), Addison Amidon (37.60), Corrine Wilcox (37.10).

G2 Gymnastics added several members to the 9.0 and All Around Clubs along with 24 gymnasts that qualified for the State Championships.


Shelby Chamberlain, Harper Joyce, Reagan Taylor, Skyler Cooper, Mialyn Hite, Ana Haynes, Kenadee Kinnaird, Level 4: Carly Reed, Catence Taylor, Level 6: Ashley Oswald, XCEL Silver: Ava Gentzyel, Hannah Bunk, Makiah Jandrew, Addison Amidon, Payton Danforth, Emmaleigh Nothem-Orcutt, XCEL Gold: Reese Thompson, Aliya Corignani, Jenna Wylie, Serena Frederick, Lauren Perry, Eliana Curcio, XCEL Platinum: Laci Miller, Corrine Wilcox.


Ariyanna Knowlton-9.45, Ava LaBella-9.30, Cenadee Ainsworth-9.50, Kennadie Beck-9.40, Aralyn Jennings-9.0, Ella Bee-9.10, Shelby Chamberlain-9.45, Harper Joyce-9.55, Reagan Taylor-9.50, Skyler Cooper-9.35, Mialyn Hite-9.40, Ana Haynes-9.10, Kenadee Kinnaird-9.40, Carly Reed-9.0, Ava Gentzyel-9.10, Makiah Jandrew-9.40, Addison Amidon-9.0, Tessa Rendos-9.10, Emmaleigh Nothem-Orcutt-9.20, Aliya Corignani-9.20, Serena Frederick-9.30, Lauren Perry-9.40, Eliana Curcio-9.20, Laci Miller-9.45, Corrine Wilcox-9.55


Ava LaBella-9.30, Cenadee Ainsworth-9.0, Skyler Cooper-9.10, Ava Gentzyel-9.50, Hannah Bunk-9.05, Makiah Jandrew-9.10, Addison Amidon-9.70, Payton Danforth-9.0, Reese Thompson-9.10, Lauren Perry-9.35, Eliana Curcio-9.05


Cenadee Ainsworth-9.20, Ana Haynes-9.0, Kenadee Kinnaird-9.15, Ava Gentzyel-9.50, Hannah Bunk-9.30, Makiah Jandrew-9.20, Addison Amidon-9.40, Tessa Rendos-9.20, Emmaleigh Nothem-Orcutt-9.0, Reese Thompson-9.30, Aliya Corignani-9.15, Jenna Wylie-9.30, Serena Frederick-9.70, Eliana Curcio-9.65, Corrine Wilcox-9.30


Ava LaBella-9.10, Cenadee Ainsworth-9.25, Catence Taylor-9.05, Irelyn Rounsville-9.05, Ava Gentzyel-9.10, Hannah Bunk-9.30, Addison Amidon-9.50, Tessa Rendos-9.20, Emmaleigh Nothem-Orcutt-9.40, Liera Porter-9.30, Reese Thompson-9.05, Jenna Wylie-9.0, Serena Frederick-9.10, Lauren Perry-9.10, Kaylee Oswald-9.20, Eliana Curcio-9.30, Laci Miller-9.50, Corrine Wilcox-9.35


Kennadie Beck-34.65, Aralyn Jennings-34.10, Ella Bee-34.60, Shelby Chamberlain-34.70, Harper Joyce-34.05, Mialyn Hite-34.35, Carly Reed-34.60, Catence Taylor-34.85, Ashley Oswald-34.625, Liera Porter-34.85, Emily Cobb-34.70, Kaylee Oswald-34.60


Reagan Taylor-35.30, Skyler Cooper-35.35, Kenadee Kinnaird-35.80, Payton Danforth-35.30, Aliya Corignani-35.65


Ava LaBella-36.40, Cenadee Ainsworth-36.95, Ana Haynes-36.10, Hannah Bunk-36.55, Makiah Jandrew-36.10, Emmaleigh Nothem-Orcutt-36.0, Reese Thompson-36.25, Jenna Wylie-36.05, Serena Frederick-36.50, Lauren Perry-36.45, Laci Miller-36.15

37.00: Ava Gentzyel-37.20, Addison Amidon-37.60, Eliana Curcio-37.20, Corrine Wilcox-37.10

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