With the weather-postponed match between Otto-Eldred and Bolivar-Richburg completed Tuesday, the Eastern Conference of the Southern Tier Scholastic Youth Trap League concluded its season with an awards and fun day at the Bradford Gun Club.

Earning female high gun honors for the conference was Cuba-Rushford’s Ambria Hopkins (129), while Otto-Eldred’s Jake Bell (142) earned the top male honor.

Bolivar-Richburg (1,078) finished first in the team standings, followed by Otto-Eldred (1,067), Oswayo Valley (1,050), Cuba-Rushford (1,044), Coudersport Black Forest Falcons (1,127), Portville (1,116) and Genesee Valley (902).

End-of-season honors, by team:

  • Bolivar-Richburg: high female, Charis Ruxton, 101; high male, Duke Cornelius, 141; most improved, Austin Ritchie
  • Otto-Eldred: high female, Gracie DeLong, 121; high male, Jake Bell, 142; most improved, Braxx Veilleux
  • Oswayo Valley: high female, Karley Carpenter, 116; high male, Dakota Green, 141; most improved, Maddison Geitler
  • Cuba-Rushford: high female, Ambria Hopkins, 129; high male, Ethan Bump 132; most improved, Tyler Findlay
  • Coudersport Black Forest Falcons: high female, Miranda Harling, 116; high male, Jake Cochran, 127; most improved, Sophia Snowman
  • Portville: high female, Natalie Karnuth, 118; high male, Dylan George, 134; most improved, Kirsten Burton
  • Genesee Valley: high female, Ashley Burrows, 97; high male, Hunter Murphy, 123; most improved, Jacob White

IN ITS MATCH against Otto-Eldred, Bolivar-Richburg had Owen Neudeck, Duke Cornelius and William French post perfect scores.

Bolivar-Richburg 193, Otto Eldred 184, at Richburg Rod & GunBolivar-Richburg

: Owen Neudeck 25, Duke Cornelius 25, William French 25, Colten Studley 24, David Baldwin 24, Isaac Scott 24, Daniel Baldwin 23, Owen Vennard 23.

Otto-Eldred: Jake Bell 24, Austin Unverdorben 24, Corre Smith 23, Gracie DeLong 23, Jordan Cooper 23, Clayton Holden 23, Zazeric Bell 22, Harris Bell 22.