WELLSVILLE — The owner of Trout Run Camp Resort vows to attend the next town board meeting to tell his side of the story stemming from a recent complaint about traffic.

Kevin Clark, owner of Trout Run Campground off Route 19, was upset after reading that his neighbor, Victor White, took his concern for traffic safety to the Oct. 14 meeting of the board.

While White claimed that campers entering and leaving the campground pose a traffic hazard, Clark argues that White is causing the traffic problem.

“We don’t have a problem with campers coming into or leaving the campground. We’ve never had an accident,” Clark said.

White told the board that a business vehicle parked off the roadway in front of his residence was damaged by a camper pulling out of the campground. White also expressed concern about a hill that blocks the view of the entrance to the campground, giving drivers no notice of the upcoming entrances.

Clark says that he is addressing that issue.

“I’ve ordered traffic signs ... like the ones announcing the turn to Kent Farms and Tall Pines ATV Park that were installed on County Road 12,” he said.

He also explained that the campground’s first entrance from the southbound lane is closed off at peak times when campers arrive.

“We even post a traffic director to move the incoming traffic down the road to the second entrance,” Clark said, while insisting that White’s auto repair business is the traffic hazard.

“They are causing the traffic-safety issue with their illegal business and unlicensed and junk cars parked on the roadside in front of his residence,” Clark said. “He’s trying to distract from the problem he’s creating.”

White told the board that he often repairs cars for friends and has to park cars on the side of the road while he does so.

Clark said that while the campground usually has up to 100 campers coming in for a weekend, the number is spread out over Thursday and Friday, and traffic is rarely backed up.

“The closest call is when he’s blocking my entrance and campers can’t turn in,” Clark said.

During the board meeting, Town Supervisor Shad Alsworth directed Highway Superintendent Dean Arnold to look into the matter and to contact the state Department of Transportation for a study of the situation.

“There’s an easy remedy to the problem, a traffic study that’s an easy fix,” Alsworth said.

Arnold was also directed to look into laws regarding encroachment and following up with documentation.

The next meeting of the town board is scheduled for Nov. 12.

While New York State Police vehicles were spotted Sunday at the site of the White residence, where allegedly junk cars were being pulled off a hillside next to the roadway, no information was forthcoming from either the NYSP’s Amity or Batavia offices.

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