Fassett GreenSpace

An aerial view of the Fassett GreenSpace in Wellsville.

WELLSVILLE — If you’ve never set foot in the Fassett GreenSpace, or don’t know much about this unique public garden and meeting place, then Saturday is the time to visit.

“This is our Big Planting Day, the main event of the year where we plant the majority of veggies, herbs, and flowers for the growing season,” said Andrew Harris, who heads up the GreenSpace. “It’s our sixth year of planting at the Fassett GreenSpace and we want to invite all our supporters to join us in planting the garden on Saturday.”

Anyone can help out anytime between 1 and 3 p.m. by planting seedlings or they can simply drop by to visit with volunteers, he added.

A little over a half dozen years ago, a group of preservation-minded people set about creating a space at the overgrown lot on the corner of Fassett Street and Main streets where the once-proud Fassett House had stood. The building was demolished around the turn of the century and the lot left vacant.

An organization, Arts For Rural America, was formed for the purpose of bringing art opportunities to the community. About five years ago, the group decided to transform the overgrown lot into a public garden for flowers and vegetables that allowed the public to harvest without charge.

A 74-foot diameter meditative labyrinth was designed, and steel instruments were installed for public use. A fountain designed by artist William Underhill was installed and a seating area was constructed. There is also a free lending library. Last year sails were installed to shade the seating area.

Over the years, meetings, concerts, and dance performances have taken place at the site, which also serves as a pleasant place to take a break.

“The opening Planting Day is a way to generate interest in The GreenSpace. It will be a few hours of installing started plants, weeding and hopefully meeting some new faces,” Harris explained.

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