The last day of summer 2021 did not go unnoticed in Allegany State Park earlier this week.

Our Rick Miller says that campers, those just visiting for the day and staff could feel that fall was in the air. There were some splashes of color — reds and yellows — on the tree-covered hills, but mostly the leaves were just a paler shade of green.

The I Love NY website finds the Allegany State Park colors are just 10% of peak in the first week of reporting this fall.

Allegany State Park has some great backroads that offer spectacular views of Fall as it progressives and leaves Summer in the rearview mirror.

THE NEW YORK STATE Division of Consumer Protection warned New Yorkers this week about the risks of using or buying fake COVID-19 vaccination cards.

As more and more places are requiring proof of vaccination, scammers are taking advantage of this opportunity by selling fake verification tools — including fake cards, certificates, test results or even doctors’ notes.

New Yorkers should be aware that buying fake vaccine cards, making their own or filling the blanks with false information is illegal and could land them in jail. The vaccines have repeatedly been proven to be safe, state officials insist, and opting for a fake vaccination card instead of getting vaccinated is an unnecessary health — and legal — risk.

The Federal Trade Commission has also received complaints from people reporting cases of possible fraud related to COVID-19 vaccination.

For instance, a consumer reported receiving counterfeit CDC vaccination cards in a vaccine card holder ordered online. The order included blank cards that anyone could forge to mimic authentic CDC vaccination cards. The FTC also received complaints of websites offering, for a fee, vaccine waivers and medical exemptions without seeing a doctor.

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