Snow Bowl

The Buffalo Bills’ Lesean McCoy runs in overtime during a Dec. 10, 2017 game against the Indianapolis Colts. The game featured the heaviest snow to fall in the 48-year history of the Bills’ stadium in Orchard Park.

Folks in Western New York are used to getting more snow in January than what we’ve seen so far.

It’s the snowiest month in one of the snowiest regions in the state, after all.

So if we are to get a little more snow soon — and the forecast calls for it through the weekend — perhaps the timing is especially good for Saturday’s Buffalo Bills playoff game, when they host the Baltimore Ravens.

Most specifically, Ravens star quarterback Lamar Jackson remarked earlier this week that, as a Florida native who played for University of Louisville, he’s had “zero experience” playing in snow.

What is the potential for a classic snow-bowl sort of game in Orchard Park? The National Weather Service in Buffalo reports there is a potential lake-effect snow in the region Saturday, but the localized bans are so hard to predict there’s no telling what the the stadium will see.

In any case, the NWS says don’t look for the kind of scene that occurred in December 2017 during a game between the Bills and the Indianapolis Colts, when a lake-effect storm dropped more than 8 inches during the game.

No Bills fan who watched the game will ever forget seeing players’ shoes and ankles disappear into the depth of snow on the field — or forget LeSean McCoy “dashing through the snow” for a game-winning TD in overtime.

Alas, the high on Saturday in Orchard Park will be about 37 degrees, and light rain is expected until the temperature drops low enough for snow to mix in — somewhere around the 8:15 p.m. kickoff time. The odds of snow during the game are about 40%, the NWS says.

And Olean? Snow is in the forecast through the next several days. Perhaps we are in for something of a “catch-up” in regard to snow for January.

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