Spectrum is giving its cable TV customers a refund for all the live sports programming they did not get in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Most customers who subscribed to a Spectrum TV package as of July 31 will see a $17.73 credit on their February bill for sports programming canceled early last year, the company said Wednesday.

All residential TV customers will receive the rebate except subscribers of TV Essentials, a package that does not include sports programming, the company said.

February bills include this statement: “Due to the temporary COVID-related shutdown of sports in 2020 and the resulting reduced sports programming, this bill statement includes a one-time credit of $17.73.”

Spectrum said the rebates are the result of the company’s discussions with programming partners.

With most live sports canceled early last year, many sports programmers broadcast old “classic” games to fill the gap. But that left customers without the live college and professional sports they were paying for.

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