PORTVILLE — Members of the Portville Town Board are considering opting out on allowing licensed marijuana dispensaries in the town.

A copy of the proposed law was provided to board members at their meeting Tuesday after Tim Emley, town supervisor, had it reviewed by the town’s attorney. The board members have several days to read the proposal and recommend changes before moving forward.

“We’re opting out to research it, to get more information from the experts,” Emley said. “We’re not closing the door because we want to hear from people … (but) we’re going to move on it pretty quickly.”

When a date for the upcoming public hearing on the proposed law is determined, a legal notice will be placed in the Olean Times Herald and a notice placed on the door of Portville Town Hall, located at 1102 Portville-Olean Road.

Residents can also call Lori Weitzel, town clerk, at (716) 933-6658 during office hours: Monday from noon to 3 p.m. and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. to noon.

Possession and use of marijuana by adults 21 years of age or older is legal in New York state. When recreational marijuana use was enacted earlier this year, it mandated a deadline of Dec. 31 for municipalities to decide whether to opt in or out on allowing licensed dispensaries. If they later decide to opt in, a law in place that opted out can be repealed, allowing for dispensaries to open within town limits.

There is a 13% tax on legal marijuana sales, which is divided up between the state, which receives 9%; a 4% local excise tax to be distributed to local governments; 1% goes to counties and 3% goes to the cities, towns or villages within the county.

IN OTHER NEWS, a local law regulating noise in the town was adopted after no objections were voiced during the public hearing prior to the board meeting.

The town is moving forward with the installation of electric lights and security camera(s) at the town boat launch on the Allegheny River. The action is being taken due to random acts of vandalism at the site.

The town will be seeking bids for improvements and upgrades to the dog kennels, which are used by the dog control officer when there is a need to temporarily contain an animal.

The town is seeking someone to fill two vacancies, for chairman and secretary, on the Portville Town Planning Board. Interested persons should contact the town clerk at (716) 933-6658.

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