ELMIRA (AP) — Police said officers shot and killed a parolee who brandished a gun at them in an Elmira cemetery on Friday, during a pursuit that sent a state trooper into surgery for an injured leg.

The slain man, David G. Wandell, 53, was wanted after absconding from his New York parole, Elmira Police Chief Anthony Alvernaz said at a news conference. Police didn’t immediately release information on Wandell’s parole terms or criminal record but said he had recently returned from North Carolina to Elmira, a city of about 27,000 people near the Pennsylvania border.

No working telephone number for Wandell could immediately be found. An email message was sent to a possible relative.

No body camera footage of the shootings has been released thus far. Some of the officers were state troopers who haven’t been issued body cameras, State Police Capt. Mick Szoczei said.

Alvernaz said a state police officer spotted Wandell around 11:30 a.m. Friday and asked Elmira police to get involved. An Elmira officer soon found and confronted Wandell in a park, and he pointed a gun at her, according to the chief.

He said the officer fired several rounds at Wandell but didn’t hit him, and he fled.

An array of local law enforcement agencies then went looking for Wandell and tracked him to a cemetery.

When officers spoke to him, he brandished a gun, Szoczei said, and one or more officers shot him. It wasn’t immediately clear how many shots were fired.

Wandell died in the cemetery.

“Unfortunately, it ended in someone’s death,” Szoczei said. He said officers “protected themselves” after Wandell exhibited his gun.

A trooper impaled a leg while trying to climb a metal fence during the chase after Wandell, the state police said in a tweet. Szoczei said the trooper was in surgery later Friday.

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