Cole Geise

Cole Geise

OLEAN — City police continued to search the area for missing Cole Geise again on Thursday, including bloodhounds and volunteers.

Olean Police Capt. Robert Blovsky, who is in charge of the search for the 22-year-old man who went missing Sunday, said no formal grid searches were conducted on Thursday following such efforts on Tuesday and Wednesday, instead relying on tips for search locations.

“We just have no particular place to look,” Blovsky said, adding it is unlikely Geise left the area in a vehicle, so he is probably still within walking distance of the city.

However, a more thorough search was set to be conducted in the town of Allegany in the evening.

“The family got with a psychic,” Blovsky said, with the psychic suggesting Gargoyle Park — a 49-acre mostly wooded site owned by the city in the town of Allegany adjacent to the Allegheny River and the Allegheny River Valley Trail.

The city police offered to coordinate a search with canines in the park Thursday evening.

“I know they’re stressed. It’s terrifying,” the captain said of Geise’s family, noting that three dogs including bloodhounds were coming to Olean for the effort.

Family members have regularly posted to social media calling for help, including asking residents to search areas like sheds, garages, campers and other potential shelters. Police echoed the comments, encouraging residents to keep an eye out while walking, bicycling or driving through the area.

Geise is described as autistic and is 6-5, 215 pounds. He is believed to be wearing a grey zip-up hoodie with the word “EKHO” on the front, possibly blue jeans or some type of pajama bottoms, and white sneakers.

If found, police cautioned that it may be best not to approach him, suggesting that anyone who sees Geise takes photographs or video, follows from a distance, and contacts authorities — by calling city police at 376-5677 or by calling 911 — as soon as possible.

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