Helen Evans

Helen Evans, Ardent Solutions Associate Director, spoke from the floor of the Allegany County Legislative Chambers Monday on the difficulty of getting treatment for addictions. She and her coworker, Terrence Rodgers, right, said they want to challenge Allegany County to find solutions to help the community and to pay attention to the warning signs of people needing intervention. Legislature Chairman Curt Crandall gave the pair the privilege of the floor on the issue.

BELMONT — Allegany County legislators agreed Monday to sell two Wellsville properties to the Allegany County Land Bank Corp., accepting sealed bids of $150 each for the two tax lien foreclosure properties.

The parcels remained closed after bidding in the county’s spring auction of tax delinquent properties.

It’s the first purchase for the land bank. One of the land bank’s purposes is to acquire foreclosed, vacant and abandoned properties that have fallen into tax delinquency and to return them to productive use in a way that will improve the municipality and eventually bring tax revenues back to the county.

The first parcel, off King Street, covers 0.77 acres and is assessed at $7,800. The second parcel, its 0.68 acres located at 79 Clark St., is assessed at $17,300. According to the resolution put up for action by the Ways and Means Committee, the two properties will be conveyed by a quit claim deed.

Also, legislators fine-tuned an annual raise package for certain county employees for almost an hour in an executive session, voting afterward in a meeting of the Committee of the Whole to draft resolutions that will be made public Oct. 10.

The raises are part of a set of recommendations provided by County Administrator Timothy T. Boyde, and will be subject to a vote by legislators after an Oct. 23 public hearing. One of the resolutions will pave the way for a proposed local law to increase pay for elected department heads and deputies, professional staff and assistant public defenders.

Another will outline a salary plan for a group of 21 confidential secretaries and human resources personnel that is expected to boost pay by about 2.5 percent. A third resolution will authorize payments for the scheduled salary increases in the existing union contract.

Chairman Curt Crandall, R-Belfast, said the committee meeting was needed to discuss some work performance and personnel issues and was the third closed session that has been held on the topic. He said none of the measures is expected to cause any negative impact to county spending.


• The committee approved a 2018 Stop-DWI Program for aid to police departments in Alfred, Andover, Angelica, Belmont, Bolivar, Cuba, Friendship, Independence, Wellsville, Willing, as well as the Allegany County Sheriff’s Office and New York State Police. The program budget summary includes $30,625 for a part-time or overtime position, and a part-time administrator, out of the total $105,863 budget. An estimated $75,000 of the total is expected to be raised in fine revenues, with $36,500 coming from state grants and funding.

• The legislature approved spending $3,122 in state and federal Cost Of Living Adjustment aid funding for lead education, outreach, conferences and supplies. In a separate resolution $752 in COLA money was appropriated for postage, office supplies and outreach activities to benefit the 2017 Children With Special Health Care Needs Program.

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