Capitol riot scene

Pauline Bauer argues with police officers who are trying to block the public in the U.S. Capitol’s Rotunda.

The Kane woman facing charges from the Jan. 6 Capitol riot has fired her attorney and is refusing to comply with an order regarding sensitive materials for her defense.

Pauline Bauer, who refers to herself in court filings as a “vessel” or “living embodiment of God’s creation” rather than a person, filed a notice with the federal court in Washington, D.C, in July, demanding a cease and desist order for Carmen Hernandez, the attorney listed on court dockets as her standby counsel.

“I claim my right pro per, for oneself,” she indicated on the notice.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Amanda Fretto filed a motion for a protective order to protect the sensitivity of information that would be provided to a defendant under the rules of discovery in a criminal case.

Explaining the need for such an order, the attorney noted the material contained “personal identifying information as well as telephone numbers, email addresses, driver’s license numbers, and similar unique identifying information” as well as information on confidential sources, information that might jeopardize witness security and investigative methods that will be used in other cases.

In a court filing last month called a “Report regarding protective order non-compliance,” Fretto noted that on July 19, Bauer orally agreed to abide by the order. On July 27, the court granted the protective order, and Bauer never filed an objection. However, on Aug. 3, Bauer refused to sign a notification of her acceptance of the order.

In an email to Fretto, Bauer stated, “I will not be signing any tacit agreements especially when they apply to me directly as being withheld evidence.”

She continued, saying she retains her right to self-determination, and “I challenge the courts’ jurisdiction and dominion over a living soul.” She also accused the prosecutor, defense attorney and judge of getting money if they can “get a felony charge” against her, the filing stated.

Bauer asserted, “I am not a citizen, person or resident, I am a woman, a living soul.”

In the same email, she appeared to argue that the charges against her are invalid because there was no victim.

“There must be a Corpus Delicti. If there is no victim, there is no crime. How can a dead entity be a victim? And I did not have intent nor did I cause harm to anyone.”

Bauer demanded a copy of Fretto’s “malfeasance and malpractice insurance” so she can make a future tort claim. “You arrested people without due process of law.”

Fretto continued in her report, noting she had serious concerns about Bauer’s non-compliance.

“The government will provide discovery that is non-sensitive,” she noted. While the sensitive and highly sensitive materials have been compiled, Fretto noted she would provide them to Bauer only after she signed a statement agreeing to the protective order.

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