11th guest

This image from Zoom Buffalo shows a window sticker resembling New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as the “11th Guest” at Thanksgiving dinner, to look like he’s spying and counting the number of people inside private gatherings.

BUFFALO (TNS) — The CDC is recommending Americans don’t travel for Thanksgiving due to the rise in coronavirus cases, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo is limiting private gatherings in New York state to 10 people.

A Western New York graphics company is having fun with the COVID-19 guidelines by selling a funny window sticker of Gov. Cuomo as the “11th Guest,” checking to make sure you don’t have more than 10 guests at your Nov. 26 holiday celebration. The 7.25-inch by 5.8-inch image shows the top half of the governor’s face, making it look like he’s spying through the window.

Zoom Buffalo is selling the cheeky stickers for $11.26 with free shipping.

WIVB reports Zoom Buffalo is also offering a way to make it feel like you still have a big family at home with life-size cardboard cutouts that you can place around your table while enjoying turkey, stuffing and pie.

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