PORTVILLE — As it has been a season without baseball due to COVID-19, officials at Pfeiffer Nature Center are inviting area residents to participate in a self-led game of Baseball Trivia Trails at the Eshelman Property at 1420 Yubadam Road.

Officials said that being outdoors seems to be the safest way to participate in activities as long as visitors remember to be safe and social distance. They are encouraged to bring their little league players, grandparents or best friends to walk the trails and test baseball knowledge beginning Saturday, July 4.

The game is a self-led activity that is set up at the Yubadam Road property just outside of Portville. Visitors should stop at the Eshelman kiosk and look for instructions and then follow the trail of baseballs.The Trivia Trail is set up somewhat like a baseball diamond with five stopping points – Pitcher’s Mound, First Base, Second Base, Third Base and Home Plate. Each stopping point has a trivia question posted on a stake. Each Trivia Trail question is a hint to help visitors identify one MLB Team. When participants get to “Home Plate,” call the Center’s office at 933-0187 or send emails to office@pfeiffernaturecenter.org and leave a name, email, telephone number and your guess of which MLB team you think is correct. If the participant is correct, his or her name will be placed in a drawing for a gift certificate to the restaurant Grand Slam Grill. Each week for three consecutive weeks, there will be trivia posted for three different MLB Teams. Participants will have three chances at winning, but must walk the trails and call in their guess of the MLB Team the trivia describes.

This game begins with the first team being posted Saturday. The Second Team will be posted on July 11 and the Third Team will be posted on July 18.

(Contact reporter Kate Day Sager at kates_th@yahoo.com. Follow her on Twitter, @OTHKate)