GREENWICH (AP) — Authorities are looking for a fisherman who saved two children from drowning in a lake in upstate New York so they can thank him.

The rescue happened Sunday in Cossayuna Lake in Washington County. The Times Union of Albany reports that a 10-year-old child fell out of a kayak shortly after 2:30 p.m.

A second 10-year-old was able to help the first child hang onto the kayak, but the children could not manage to swim or paddle themselves to shore, authorities said. Neither child was wearing a life jacket, the Washington County sheriff’s office said.

A fisherman who was in the area heard the children yelling and came to their aid to get them back to shore, the sheriff’s office said. The man then left.

The sheriff’s office and the children’s families are asking anyone with information about the hero fisherman to come forward so they can thank him.

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