NIAGARA FALLS (TNS) — A man suffered severe head and facial injuries after being attacked by several men, one using a baseball bat, on Sunday.

Niagara Falls police responding to the assault call said they found the man lying on the ground conscious and breathing but suffering from trauma to his face and skull. They said the man was speaking but due to his severe injuries, his words were unintelligible.

A witness told officers that three older men and another man in his 20s pulled up to the victim in a black car. One of the men said, "Remember me, (expletive)?" before swinging a baseball bat into the victim's head.

After the victim fell to the ground, all four of the men then began stomping on his head. The witness said the victim yelled, "I didn't do it!"

The men then got back into the car and drove off.

Officers went to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center with the victim and while he was still conscious, he refused to answer any questions about who had attacked him. The officer said there was blood coming out of his nose, mouth and ears. Ambulance personnel said spinal fluid was also leaking from his ears.

A doctor at Memorial said the man's entire face including his mandible, maxilla and both orbitals were apparently broken. Once stabilized, doctors planned to transfer the man to Erie County Medical Center.

Investigators were looking for surveillance cameras on the street.

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