ELLICOTTVILLE — At 11 years-old, the Cattaraugus County Industrial Development Agency’s website is looking a little long in the tooth.

Later this month, a new IDA website will go online — investcattaraugus.com.

It’s been in development at iElvolve Technologies in Amherst for the past several months. On Thursday, the IDA board of directors agreed on the name out of several that were listed as options.

Corey Wiktor, IDA executive director, told the board the new website will be more “chamberesque,” in that it will be used as more of a promotional tool to show not only available sites, but also why a company looking to expand or relocate should choose Cattaraugus County, including quality of life, school districts and cost of living.

It will also be mobile-friendly. “We want a modern site that will be quick and easy,” Wiktor told the IDA board. It will be heavy on photos.

The old website, cattcoida.com, will remain as a location for information about what benefits the IDA offers, meeting notices and minutes and how to contact IDA officials, Wiktor said.

In addition to the fresh, new promotion-based IDA website, the IDA will be moving to develop a presence in social media with a Facebook page, Wiktor said in an interview on Friday.

“We are going to keep the IDA website and use it for utility purposes instead of rebranding it ‘Invest Cattaraugus,’” Wiktor said. “It will be a different platform. Sort of Chamber-esque.”

Wiktor said along with pertinent economic development information and contact information that will be on the new website, sites available for future development will be highlighted.

“We’ll be going live in a couple of weeks,” said Wiktor.

There will also be links to other local, regional and state economic development sites and other IDA economic development partners including the Cattaraugus County Department of Economic Development, Planning and Tourism; Olean development sites and Empire State Development.

“This site will emphasize the quality of life and the beauty of Cattaraugus County,” Wiktor said. “It will largely be a promotional site.” The developers want to answer the question: “Why would I come to your county?”

The company is also looking at improving its Google listing so when when the words economic development and Cattaraugus County are entered, the IDA comes up on the first page of results. It will also be calibrated to permit misspellings of Cattaraugus.

“We need to leverage our site,” Wiktor said. “We’ll focus on Cattaraugus County, but highlight area and regional attractions as well. People are going to want to know what is available (to do).”

The domain name investcattaraugus.com was one of several that were looked at Wiktor said. Some names had already been taken, or were snapped up to possibly sell.

The IDA will continue to use Blumenthal’s as the host for its initial website, Wiktor said. “We tried to keep it local,” he said of the new website, but iEvolve Technologies in Erie County had a good presentation and currently provides website services for Holiday Valley Resort in Ellicottville, he said.

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