ALLEGANY — A female kayaker was rescued from the Allegheny River Saturday afternoon after falling in.

Gordon Scott, spokesman for the Allegany Fire Department, said officials were alerted at roughly 3:20 p.m. of a call involving a semi-conscious woman in the river. They in turn notified Allegany Rescue EMS, Allegany Technical Rescue Squad and the Westons Mills Technical Rescue Swift Water Team to respond.

The female was found to have suffered a medical emergency in her kayak and fell out of the kayak into the water, explained Scott. The kayaker was taken to shore by friends who were kayaking with her, where local police were waiting.

Scott explained that Allegany Fire Department EMS personnel and rescue volunteers got the kayaker up from the riverbed, which he described as “quite a ways up to the road” into the ambulance, and transported to Olean General Hospital at approximately 4 p.m.

Her condition is unknown.

Allegany Fire Department Technical Rescue Squad released a public service announcement on their Facebook page at approximately 5 p.m. Saturday that stated:

“The Allegheny River is flowing fast and is very high … There should be no kayaks on the river at this time. Please do not go out on the river until the levels lower to a safe depth and flow.”

Similar to the incident Saturday afternoon, last September Allegany’s Technical Rescue Team was alerted shortly after 3 p.m. of a kayaker in distress near the DEC boat launch under the twin bridges off South Nine Mile Road.

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