LITTLE VALLEY — Many Cattaraugus County municipalities hope to use their share of $2 trillion in federal stimulus money to help expand broadband in their towns.

Crystal Abers, Cattaraugus County director of Economic Development, Planning and Tourism, told members of the County Legislature’s Development and Agriculture Committee Wednesday that most municipalities don’t have needs for water or sewer lines, but could use it to expand internet service.

She plans to attend the next meeting of the Cattaraugus County Supervisors Association to gauge interest in using those federal funds to expand broadband.

If the added funds could be used with state funding for broadband expansion across Cattaraugus County, Abers said.

“This could help them utilize the money to get internet into their areas,” she said

Abers said there are plans for Armstrong Cable to meet virtually today with county lawmakers, supervisors and mayors to bring officials up to date on Armstrong’s efforts to expand the broadband infrastructure under a state program. The company plans monthly updates going forward.

In another development, Abers told the committee that plans are progressing on the rebranding of the county’s Onoville Marina. All docks and seasonal campsites have been reserved for the summer. New signs will be visible to visitors and they will increase efforts to notify campers and boaters of other recreational opportunities in the county, Abers said.

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