BELMONT — Allegany County employee who works in the County Office Building has tested positive for COVID-19.

Curt Crandall, chairman of the County legislature, said Friday that immediate action by the county health department was taken to include contact tracing and other requirements when someone tests positive.

"The area where the employee works will be cleaned before other employees or members of the public will be allowed into that area," Crandall said. "There is no immediate danger or concern for the public or employees working with the person who tested positive."

If employees or members of the public are contacts of this employee, and require quarantines, Crandall said they will receive a phone call and further instructions from the health department.

"It is important to note that casual contact with a positive person does not necessarily make you a direct contact that would require quarantine," Crandall said. "Whether you are a direct contact requiring quarantine, depends on a number of factors including the use of face coverings, social distancing, and the duration of contact."

He said if you do not receive a phone call from the health department, you are not a direct contact subject to quarantine.

"Our facilities effected by this will be open, business as usual, on Monday," Crandall said.