Cool cat

Freddy knows how to stay cool on hot summer days.

Just as people suffer from the summer heat, our pets do, too. In fact, there are certain breeds of dogs that are in special danger.

Emily Hall, a researcher at Nottingham Trent University, said that some owners must be especially careful, because nine breeds are at significantly higher risk, “and five of them have flat faces: bulldogs, French bulldogs, chow chows and pugs. Greyhounds, English springer spaniels, Cavalier King Charles spaniels and golden retrievers were also at higher risk.

If your dog is one of those breeds, or is over 12 years old, or if he weighs more than 110 pounds then the dog is at increased risk”.

Remembering to always have an ample supply of fresh water available for both cats and dogs at home, and if you are walking your dog in hot weather take water along, as it’s essential to prevent illness. Never leave a pet in a car in the summer, as the heat buildup is intense and quick, and can be fatal.

SPCA RE-OPENS TO THE PUBLIC: It’s unlikely that you will find a King Charles spaniel at the SPCA now that the doors are open to the public once again, but there are many other choices of cats and dogs available.

Often the SPCA has mixed breed dogs or tabby cats, and some say that they often make better pets than some high-strung breeds. And in adopting from the SPCA you are helping a homeless animal find a home of its own.

The doors are open during regular hours, but the number of people allowed inside at one time is limited. Also, check out the SPCA Facebook page and their page on to get an idea who you’d like to see.

And it helps to fill out an online application ahead of time in case you find someone you want to adopt.

Shelter manager Danielle Jackson says: “We are happily open again to the public and volunteers. We are practicing social distancing, and masks are mandatory in the building. If you don’t have one, a disposable one will be provided.

“We ask that you maintain a 6-foot distance when possible and use our many hand-washing stations and sanitizer often. Final paperwork for adoptions and surrenders will be by appointment to best serve everyone.”

And if you prefer to make an appointment just to visit, to avoid waiting in lines, call ahead to reserve a spot.

LEMONADE STAND FUND RAISER: A hardworking and generous group of local kids worked hard in setting up and operating a lemonade stand to benefit the SPCA. They must have a secret recipe, as they were able to raise $200!

Thanks to longtime SPCA supporter Sue Carlson for alerting us to the project her granddaughters and friends put together: Briel and Brynn Cygan, Leah Richardson, Ava Moses, Lily and May Eaton were wonderful to do this for the animals.

Because of COVID-19, the regular SPCA fundraisers will not be held for the rest of this year, so donations like this are especially important. Please don’t hesitate to follow their lead and come up with creative ways to raise money for the cats and dogs.

For example, Sheryl Anderson and friends made over 500 colorful masks and raised more than $2000 in donations from this endeavor, a blessing for the shelter. All efforts will help, as will donations of goods and money.

THANKS TO THE ALLEGANY COUNTY SPCA: Because of a kind donor, they are now able to have a clinic and a veterinarian in their beautiful new shelter and have welcomed the Cattaraugus County SPCA to bring in-house cats and dogs for spay/neuter. It’s so much easier to transport animals to their facility than to have to go all the way to Buffalo to Operation Pets, and it’s also affordable.

One day, perhaps, a kind donor will do the same here, and we can welcome others.

RAISE MONEY WITH YOUR AMAZON ORDERS: If you sign onto AmazonSmile and pick the SPCA in Cattaraugus County as your charity, every time you place an order through AmazonSmile a small percentage will go to the SPCA.

Enough people have done this so that the SPCA has received $1,275.72 so far. It only takes a moment to set up, and the rest happens automatically.

PET FOOD BANK: During the coronavirus crisis, many more people have needed to visit the Olean Food Pantry. Now St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church and Bethany Lutheran Church have collaborated to open a Pet Food Bank at Bethany Lutheran, which is located just across the parking lot from the Food Pantry.

It is open to anyone who needs dry dog or cat food. Everyone is welcome, and vouchers can be picked up at the Food Pantry. They are open the first and fourth Fridays of the month, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

NEW MEET AND GREET ROOM: Volunteers have created a beautiful new “meet and greet” room at the SPCA, so the guests and the animals are in a comfortable and welcoming space as they get to know each other. Thanks to those who made this happen, and to all the other great volunteers who can now begin to come and see their favorite animals again.

Come visit, as during this time of isolation adding a comforting and fun new member to the family might be just what everyone needs.

The SPCA in Cattaraugus County, 2944 Route 16N., near Pleasant Valley Nursery, Olean, NY 14760, 372-8492. Open Tuesday-Saturday, noon to 5 p.m., Sunday 1 to 4 p.m., closed Monday; or

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