Gov. Cuomo

Gov. Andrew Cuomo wears a face mask as he arrives for a news conference Monday in New York.

From wearing masks to getting tested, responsible preventative behaviors can drastically decrease the spread of COVID-19.

With public health officials urging Americans to follow preventative behaviors, New York is No. 1 among the most responsible states during the coronavirus pandemic — No. 1, that is, according to

Analysts for the site crunched data including the percentage of adults wearing masks in public, the percentage of people sheltering in place and the number of administered coronavirus tests to find the most and least responsible states during the coronavirus pandemic.

A quick look at what they found:

• New York is the most responsible state during COVID-19. A high share of New Yorkers (over 30%) are sheltering at home and a majority of adults self-report wearing masks when in public (53%).

Additionally, only Rhode Island has conducted more coronavirus tests per capita than the state of New York.

• New Jersey is the 2nd most responsible state, with high levels of coronavirus tests per capita and nearly 60% of adults reporting they wear facial coverings when in public.

Analysts note that observance of safety measures in New York and New Jersey likely stem from the fact that the two states saw the worst infection rates and deaths at the height of the pandemic this past spring.

Of course, Gov. Andrew Cuomo was happy to tout New York’s ranking in the study.

“The last 137 days have been hell for New York as we were the epicenter of this pandemic,” he says. “However, New Yorkers stood as one, acted responsibly and — as many other states in this nation are now grappling with new spikes of this insidious virus — the beast, for now, has been brought to bay in this state.”

Cuomo says his office has used data and science to drive the fight and fuel the state’s reopening strategy.

“But make no mistake, this distinction is shared by every single New Yorker who did the right thing these last months, ignored the politics, socially distanced and wore a mask,” he says.

The least responsible state during COVID-19?

South Carolina, according to the analysts. Although testing rates are fairly high in the Palmetto State, and a large share of South Carolinians report wearing a mask in public, very few are choosing to stay at home, and the state government has never mandated that they do so.

This, analysts say, is leading to some of the worst coronavirus stats in the nation.

And our neighbor, Pennsylvania? The study doesn’t indicate a ranking for the Keystone State — it doesn’t fall in the top 10 of best states for fighting coronavirus, nor does it fall in the 10 worst.