ST. BONAVENTURE — A friar at the St. Bonaventure Friary has tested positive for COVID-19, university officials reported Saturday.

The friar is asymptomatic and has been placed in isolation. The other friars living at the friary decided voluntarily Friday night to be tested; results are expected early next week.

The Cattaraugus County Health Department has begun a contact tracing investigation for those individuals with whom the friar has been in close contact.

The friars were informed Saturday morning by the Health Department that they need to quarantine at the friary for 14 days, even if their results come back negative.

Masses scheduled for Sunday and July 19 at the McGinley-Carney Center have been canceled.

The news of the positive test in the friary comes one day after the county health department reported four new positive cases, pushing the department's recorded total to 107.

Allegany County reported no new cases of COVID-19 infection on Saturday. County health officials reported that 28 residents are currently quarantined/isolated, while 59 people have been in the precautionary travel quarantine.


Across New York, 799 people were hospitalized on Friday because of the coronavirus, the lowest number since March 18, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The death toll in the state also reflected mid-March numbers. On Friday, the state recorded six deaths related to COVID-19, Cuomo said.

That brought the state’s three-day average of deaths to seven. The last time that three-day fatality average was that low was March 16 — nearly four months ago.

The state has recorded 24,974 total deaths related to COVID-19 infection. New York has confirmed 401,029 cases since March.

On Friday, just 75 people statewide were newly admitted to hospitals, Cuomo said in a news release. In April, more than 18,000 people were hospitalized in New York.

Cuomo continued to call for caution, noting the rising number of cases in other states.

“I urge residents to stay New York tough and not give up the ground we’ve worked so hard to gain together, particularly in the face of rising cases throughout the country and compliance issues here at home,” he said.

The state reported more than 69,000 test results on Friday. Of those, just 730, or 1.05%, were positive, which is consistent with testing results in recent days.

In Western New York, 0.9% of people tested were positive on Wednesday, 1.0% were positive on Thursday and 1.9% on Friday. Those numbers are consistent with recent testing results in the region.

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