Alfred Police Department

ALFRED — An Allegany County police department reported Tuesday that four officers have contracted COVID-19.

Alfred Police Chief Paul Griffith made the announcement on Facebook.

“We have 4 officers that have tested positive for COVID-19,” he said. “All of the officers are at home and are doing well. We hope they have a speedy recovery and return to serving the community soon.”

The illnesses are not affecting police presence in the village, he added.

“Our part-time officers are filling in the shifts and we are remaining at full staff with no compromise to our coverage,” Griffith said.

According to the department’s website, there are three full-time officers and 10 part-time officers.

The infections are the second announcement by law enforcement in the county.

In early April, an Allegany County Sheriff’s Office deputy tested positive, with officials noting the deputy contracted the illness outside of work and no other deputies or inmates at the Allegany County Jail were affected.

According to the Fraternal Order of Police, thousands of officers nationwide have been infected during the pandemic. To date, 101 police officers have died of the disease, including 29 in New York.

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