Some simple bike-trail safety etiquette during COVID-19 pandemic:

Remain on the right side of the trail in the direction you are walking. Pay attention to when the trail is not 6 feet across and follow CDC pandemic guidelines (6 feet social distance) moving over, when needed.

If walking/biking with others, have awareness of those who inevitably will need to pass you. Move over single file to allow at least 6 feet between you and the passing party.

Put your mask up whenever passing others. This is common courtesy and increases community safety. This is especially needed whenever you are breathing hard or talking loud.

If you choose to be selfish, neglecting to wear a mask when 6 feet or closer, turn your face away from others you pass. Adults and children without having had any symptoms can pass the illness not knowing they are carriers. Immuno-compromised people have difficulty — and sometimes die — trying to fight this virus. You know immune compromised people. I am one, and personally have five risk factors.

Other bike-safety related guidelines:

It is a law to have your dog on a leash. If you choose to break the law, remain aware of when folks are approaching and get control of your dog.

If folks remind you of the CDC guideline or New York state leash law, do not become verbally abusive. Apologize for violating and try to do better next time.

Kathy Hardiman, Olean