Nicholas Waddy, a blatherskite if there ever was one, is sure that Black Lives Matter is “a hate group determined to malign the police, white people and America itself.” Not only a truly racist and evil statement, it is also incorrect.

Vanity Fair, in July 2016, published an article by L-Mani S. Viney, a national youth advocate and 20-year veteran educator. He wrote most eloquently why BLM is not about hate:

“‘Black Lives Matter.’ Yes, we do. Period. In its simplest definition, to matter means to be of importance, significance, and consequence. And for many in the African American community, saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ is our way of declaring that we are important, our issues are important, and neither we as individuals, nor the issues that impact us, will be discarded, overshadowed, treated as nonsense, or accused of ‘playing the race card’ anymore. No. We matter.”

Saying “Black Lives Matter” is neither separatist nor racist. It is not anti-white and, contrary to what some in the media may say, it is definitely not anti-police. It does not denote, promote or support hatred of or violence against any ethnic group.

Let me say that again: it does not promote or support hatred or violence against any group. It is about “promoting the love of self and African American rights to equal justice and fairness.”

If only Waddy was about promoting love of one’s fellow human beings instead of hate.

Juanita Ried, Allegany