Great Lakes Cheese is threatening to leave the area if we don’t concede. Using eminent domain is an example of government power against private citizen.

In this perverse situation the property in question produces 3,000 tons of feed per year, on the most fertile land in New York state. Losing the land would cause serious financial and environmental burdens to Mallards Dairy. Cavalierly telling the farmer he will “single handedly ruin the dairy industry in Western New York” while also forcing Cuba residents to pick up the slack because of your own poor infrastructure practices to your business is outrageous.

Is the Allegany County Industrial Development Agency comfortable leaving yet another empty building in Cuba? Is this how we want our government to “work for us” — seizing private property that is integral to a business then giving it to a billion-dollar private corporation who won’t pay any school or property taxes for 15 years? The public benefit to Allegany County residents is minimal — a more efficient plant will not afford more jobs, it will make it easier for the corporation to make money faster.

Each business has its own multiplier, each business employs local residents and each business is rooted in agriculture. However, only one business is using threats and government force to get what it wants, while only one business has donated time and money into environmental restoration in Allegany County.

Without dairy farms there would be no Great Lakes Cheese.

We respectfully ask if you are against the eminent domain seizure of this property please contact your legislators and/or the ACIDA.

Charlie and Liz Bares Mallards Dairy Ellicottville

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