I noticed something obvious but annoying that occurs the first of every month. It’s my water/sewer bill from the city of Olean.

I get bills every month from the gas company, the electric company, the cable/phone company, a couple of credit cards, doctor bills, prescription insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, homeowners insurance, along with several requests for donations to deserving charities.

Like most good citizens I do, and always have, put a check in the mail to be a responsible person.

So why do I get so grumpy on the first of the month? Every one of those creditors and charities have shown the courtesy to include a pre-addressed envelope with its bill — except the city of Olean.

C’mon. don't be so cheap. What’s it going to cost, a quarter or maybe 50 cents? If you’re worried that envelope will bust your budget, just tack on the cost to the bill. I don’t think anyone will mind, but they might appreciate the convenience.

I know I would.

Victor Skadowski, Olean