Penn-York Junior Golf League Champion Jake McCollough (center) receives the John Forrest Most Outstanding Player for the Penn-York Junior Golf League on Monday at Bartlett Country Club. Making the presentation, at left, is Forrest’s daughter Maddy and his son, John Nick (right).

OLEAN — It was an unusual ending for the Penn-York Junior Golf League.

Neither the low-stroke average winner, nor his two teammates from the Warren High School golf team will be playing in Wednesday’s Southwestern New York-Northwestern Pennsylvania Men’s Amateur which starts Wednesday at Bartlett Country Club.

Nothing personal, mind you, just inescapable conflicts.

With high scores in Monday’s final P-Y round, Jake McCollough’s 71.67 stroke average easily stood up to win the inaugural John Forrest Memorial Trophy as the league’s top golfer, renamed this year in honor of the former league star, and three-time Men’s Amateur champion, who died of cancer in May.

The trophy formerly honored Dr. Robert Davis who helped found the Penn-York circuit.

Soon after its inception, the SWNY-NYPA tourney funded the Top 10 low scorers from the Penn-York to play in the prestigious match-play event.

McCollough plays out of Blueberry Hill in Russell, Pa., where his dad, Gary, is the pro and where Jake holds his summer job. This weekend is Blueberry Hill’s member-guest, meaning Jake has to work.

Another of his Warren teammates, Jack Sidon (78.67) also has to work as his father is the greenskeeper at Conewango Valley while Nick Giambrone (76.00), a Blueberry Hill member, is playing in this weekend’s tourney.

“We all decided to play in this together,” Jake McCollough said of the Penn-York. “This is my third year and I love it. You can’t get a better deal than playing on five good courses for $20 for the entire tournament.”

And that’s up from the $10 fee that stood for years and which pays for rounds at Pine Acres and Pennhills in Bradford, Elkdale in Salamanca, Wellsville Country Club and Bartlett.

“We all wore our team uniforms at Wellsville,” McCollough said, “and it was awesome.”

Jake, a senior-to-be at Warren, is 17 and eligible for one more Penn York season.

Meanwhile, the absence of the tour’s four lowest scorers opened up as many places for other Penn-Yorkers to make the Men’s Amateur field. Already having made it were Bartlett’s Heather Haas (81.33), only the second female to play in the tournament, both qualifying via the Penn-York.

Another who made the Top 10 was Smethport’s Connor Alfieri (81.67) who had a hole-in-one on Monday at Bartlett, acing the 190-yard seventh hole with a 6-iron.

Division I top 10

1.) K. Maytum (Chau) 76-10

2.) J. Sidon (BH) 77- 9

3.) J. Goodenow (Elk) 82- 8

4.) J. McCollough (BH) 84- 7

5.) S. Hyman (HH) 85- 6

6.) J. Reynolds (CW) 87- 4.5

6.) Lukas McClain (LM) 87- 4.5

8.) B.Ames (BH) 88- 3

9.) N. Simon (LM ) 89- 2

10.) B. Morrison (CH) 91- 1

Division II top 10

1.) C. Alfieri (SMeth) 78- 10

2.) A. Diehl (TH) 88- 9

3.) G. Simon (LM) 90-8

4.) Z. Zameroski (LM) 91-6

4.) K. McClain (Bona) 91- 6

6.) E. Beaver (CH) 91- 6

7.) J. Gorse (PA) 94- 4

8.) B. Burton (HH) 96- 3

10.) M. Davis (Bona) 98- 1.5

10.) S. Cashimere (Bona) 98- 1.5

Division III top 10 (9 Holes)

1.) S. Cornelius (PA) 44- 10

2.) C. Salvaggio (CH) 44- 9

3.) J. Pond (Elk) 51- 8

5.) T. Stitt (Bart) 53- 6.5

5.) J. Owen (Bona) 53- 6.5

7.) L. Petruzzi (Bart) 56- 4

8.) C. Lechner (Bona) 57- 3

10.) C. Brokaw (Bart) 60- .5

10.) C. Barner (Kane) 60- .5

Division IV top 10 (9-Hole Modified)

1.) R. Lechner (BONA) 44- 10

2.) M. Brinsky (PH) 48 - 9

3.) J Bell (Kane) 52- 8

5.) A. Schott (Coud) 54- 6.5

5.) C. Brinsky (PH) 54- 6.5

6.) C. Carls (HV) 55- 5

8.) D. Smith (PH) 58- 3.5

8.) T. Salvaggio (CH) 58- 3.5

10.) L. Johnson (Bart) 60- .5

10.) D. Myers (Bart) 60- .5