Samantha Van Wicklin (copy)

Sammi Van Wicklin

I have been an athlete and playing sports since I could walk.

I began my sports career playing t-ball in a league in Maryland and then moved to New York in second grade and began playing little league baseball through the school. When I was finally old enough, I was able to play softball under the coaching of Matt Finn. Softball has always been such a huge piece in my life and it is devastating to have lost my very last season and senior night.

I also play volleyball and bowl during the school year and have had some amazing memories and coaches. In bowling, Diana Olson was my coach, and although I only participated for two years, she aided me to raise my average from a 102 to a 112.

I also have had three amazing softball coaches that have made me the player I am today. Matt Finn has been coaching me in softball since I began playing the sport and has cheered me on and helped teach me techniques since I was little. He was the person who helped me learn how to pitch and perfect my batting skills. Another duo of coaches that have changed my life are Jeff Horth and Kevin Andrew. I played on their summer and all-star teams for years while playing first base and had the time of my life.

While I am very depressed to have only gotten a few weeks of practice in before the season was cancelled, I can always look back on the amazing memories I have made. I am beyond excited for what the future holds for me and am very excited to attend George Washington University and major in international business.

I want to thank all the teachers and coaches who helped me in my high school journey. I also want to thank my parents who come to every single game and cheer me on through every step in my life.