Cattaraugus County Republicans will chose between Allegany County Legislature Chairman Curtis Crandall and Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello in Tuesday’s primary voting.

That is the only countywide primary race.

Voting will be conducted from noon to 9 p.m. at 55 polling sites.

There are a handful of primary contests — mostly Republican — in both the cities of Olean and Salamanca and four towns.

There are three Republican primaries for county legislators in Districts 1, 7 and 8.

District 1 includes the towns of Dayton, New Albion, Otto, Perrysburg and Persia and pits two incumbent legislators, Richard Klancer and Andrew Burr, and Constance Johnson, who is also on the Democratic line in the November election.

There’s a spirited legislative race in District 7, which includes the towns of Hinsdale, Humphrey, Ischua, Olean and Portville.

Incumbent Legislators Joseph Snyder of Ischua and Dan Hale of Portville, the Legislature vice chairman, are being challenged by Eric Firkel of Portville, the former county attorney, and Kip Morrow, a former Portville town councilman.

In the City of Olean, there are Republican primaries in Wards 2 and 6.

In Ward 2, Kevin Bartholomew and Jason Panus are vying for the Republican nomination. Panus is also on the Conservative and Independence Party lines in November, as is Democrat Tracylynn Huselstein, who is also on the Working Families Party line.

Ward 6 Alderman Nate Smith is being challenged in the Republican primary by Peyton Kunselman, who is also on the Democratic and Working Families Party line. Smith also has the Conservative and Independence parties lines.

The City of Salamanca has four primaries — Democratic, Republican, Conservative and Independence Party — for city judge between incumbent Judge William Gabler and Matthew Swenson.

There are also primaries in the towns of Dayton, Farmersville, Freedom, Great Valley and Napoli.

In Dayton, Supervisor Angie Mardino-Miller is being challenged in a Republican primary by David Kohler. Also, there are three Republican candidates seeking two council seats: Susan Tabor, Paul Luce and Timothy Foster. Luce and Foster are also on the Conservative and Independence Party lines.

Farmersville Republicans have a primary for the supervisor nomination between the incumbent Supervisor Robert Karcher and Francis Pete Lounsbury. There is also a GOP primary between Highway Superintendent Barry Tingue and James Karaszewski. Tingue is also on the Democratic, Independence and Conservative lines.

There is also an Independence Party primary for a one-year councilman vacancy between Donna Vickman and Dale Scurr.

In Freedom there is a three-way primary for two Council seats between incumbent John Hill and Raymond Feness and Geoffrey Milks.

Great Valley Republicans will choose between Highway Superintendent Jack Harrington and challenger James Brennan. Harrington is also on the Working Families line.

In Napoli, Republican voters will select two councilmen from three candidates: incumbent John Adams and Daniel Martonis and Michelle Clinger. Martonis and Adams are also on the Conservative line. Clinger is on the Democratic line along with Robert Bedell.

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