Salamanca DPW prepping for annual leaf pick-up weeks

Salamanca residents are encouraged to begin raking their leaves to the curbside in anticipation of the Department of Public Works coming around to collect them for the annual leaf pick-up weeks.

SALAMANCA — The city’s leaf pick-up machine is already being put to work, says Rob Carpenter, superintendent of the Salamanca Department of Public Works.

In the coming weeks, city residents should be raking their leaves to the curbside in anticipation of the DPW truck coming around to pick them up.

“We already started picking up piles,” Carpenter said.

Once official leaf pick-up days have passed, Carpenter said residents can put their leaves in clear garbage bags and the DPW will come to pick them up.

“It’s difficult for that machine because at some point we have to get it ready for snow,” he explained. “If you put them in clear bags, we can throw them in the back of the truck, take them to the dump, cut the bags open and get rid of them, which would be a lot easier.”

While going around picking up leaves, Carpenter said crews are already preparing for snowplowing and he is working on the department’s winter schedule.

“I always try to stay a season ahead,” he added.

Even before the snow hits, Carpenter expressed a need for repairs to the city’s salt shed. Although a new cover for the shed had been ordered, he said the steel structure is deteriorating near the base where it’s close to the salt. The structure is only a couple of feet off the ground because it sits on two rows of concrete blocks.

“The cost of tearing everything down and repairing the sections that would need to be replaced would be more than just buying a new steel structure,” he said. “They’re recommending we go two more rows higher on the blocks to keep the salt away from the steel structure.”

Carpenter said he didn’t have a quote for the new structure, but he was assured it would fit the newly purchased cover. He said the project wouldn’t be done this year but it would be built into next year’s budget.

Additionally, the DPW Commission approved a resolution awarding Heritage Contract Flooring, of Buffalo, a contract for $25,440 for the resurfacing of the DPW garage floor.

“The floor is getting cracked and pitted and the cracks are getting pretty bad,” Carpenter explained. “We sent it out to four companies and this is the only one that replied.”

Carpenter said the company would grind down the floor in the vehicle repair area of the garage to where an epoxy sealer could be applied to the floor to resurface it.

“We wouldn’t be able to use that area for about six days,” he said. “We’d have to use another section of the building for doing repairs.”

IN OTHER BUSINESS, Carpenter said the new parking area between the sidewalk and tree on Great Valley Street next to the Highland Avenue Playground has been prepared with landscaping to the area.

Additionally, Carpenter said the new fence at the playground has been installed, as has the storage sheds for surveillance and other playground equipment at Highland and the Erie Street playgrounds.

“We have to build some stairs for the one at Highland. To level that one up, the ground was way off,” he said. “I still have some topsoil work to do there where the shed was put up.”

Carpenter said the sheds can be used for storage of the garbage cans and potential future picnic tables the community would like to see at the playground.

“Our plan is to have the kids come up and paint them, probably next year,” he said of the sheds.