In October, garbage could be seen piled next to the recycling bins across the street from the Bradford Township municipal building. The bins are being moved due to the ongoing messes, which continue despite numerous attempts by township officials to educate the public on program rules.

BRADFORD, Pa. — Recycling is over in Bradford Township.

After months of asking users of the Casella Waste recycling bins by the Bradford Township Municipal Building to keep their garbage off the ground, township officials said the mess became too much to handle.

Casella will pick up the bins on Friday, said Supervisor Chairman Jim Erwin.

“We’ve tried our best to figure something out, and we can’t get it to work,” Erwin said.

In recent months, township officials have made several pleas to the public asking people to take the rules of the program to heart. They have taken to social media, called the newspaper and talked publicly at municipal meetings explaining that if people don’t follow the program rules, the program would end.

Still, people would leave bags of stuff outside of the bins when they were full — or even when they were not full — and would leave their trash behind. Township police have been fining people, too, to no avail.

Ending the program was a mutual decision between the township and Casella, said Casella spokesman Joe Fusco.

“We had provided big recycling containers as a public service at no cost to the town, and as time went by here, people started throwing garbage in there,” Fusco said, explaining there was just a general mess at the site.

“It was becoming difficult to manage,” he explained.

Township employees are regularly taking the time out of their days to pick up the mess, which piles around the bins and blows into people’s yards.

“We are constantly picking up trash and throwing it in our garbage trucks to take to the landfill,” Bradford Township Police Chief Robb Shipman told The Era in May.

“A lot of effort has gone into keeping it cleaned up,” the chief had said, adding that effort came from township employees. “Same results each time. This is every week.”

Now that the program is ending, the township will not be able to bring it back, according to Erwin, who noted there is no money in recycling.

“I just can’t believe people would bring their garbage out there to dump it,” he said.

Erwin said there are still recycling bins by the McKean County 911 Center in Smethport, but added, “It was nice to have one over at this end of the county. I just hate to see it go.”