Farmer's market bids

Bids were opened Wednesday for a revised version of the Lincoln Park farmers’ market, city officials reported.

OLEAN — City officials are confident that new bids for the Lincoln Park farmers’ market will allow the project to be completed this summer.

On Wednesday, city Department of Public Works Director Bob Ring and other officials opened bids on general contracting, plumbing and electrical work on the project, with bids coming in lower than those received in a scrapped July bidding.

“It should allow us to move forward with the project,” Ring said, but added the bids were not formally accepted. “We’re still reviewing bids — we’re not awarding it yet.”

The bidding for the main project was divided between the three types of work to be performed. Kinley Corp. of Western New York submitted the only bid for general contracting work, with a base bid of $833,815 and around $97,000 for two alternate bids. The alternate bids included work on an open-air bistro on the west side of the park, as well as a separate alternate for security and sound systems.

Contractor Ciancio Plumbing submitted the lowest bid for plumbing services, offering to do the work for just under $29,000. Kel-Kur Electical of Olean submitted a $97,325 bid for the electrical work — the only bid — plus an additional $4,700 if the bistro is constructed.

All told, the total base bid was just under $960,000, while the bid for all services including both alternate plans was $1.06 million.

The bids did not include an estimated $156,000 in structural wood components and $39,000 in playground equipment.

“The city’s still going to be purchasing the material,” Ring said, which will save on sales taxes.

Construction is expected to begin in March, with work done by the end of June.

The project was last put up for bid in July, but only one firm submitted a bid — about $250,000 over the project’s budget, officials said. The late date and construction timeline of the bid were to blame, with the new bid set to begin construction before the summer building season.

That was partially blamed, Ring said, on the timing of the bid at the end of the construction season when most contractors were not seeking work for the season. With a proposed August start date, contractors with work were not eager to take on more, he said, and less competition meant bids would come in higher.

The Common Council approved a $1.25 million bond on March 27, with a local share of the project expected to be around $230,000. The Cattaraugus County Legislature contributed another $200,000, and several state programs allocated grants to cover the remaining expenses.

The plans call for a 210-by-34-foot structure, occupying a large portion of the southern side of the park. The wings would flank a central enclosed area for restrooms. The building will feature roll-down vinyl windows, which will protect sellers and visitors from the elements.

However, in an effort to cut costs further, some changes have been made to the scope of the project. Material choices were changed, the restrooms were scaled back to three single-toilet rooms, a hedgerow replaced a fence along the northern edge of the park, and the main structure is to have a shorter overall length.

The existing monuments will be untouched under the plan, as will the gazebo erected by the Olean Rotary Club, the old city hall bell and the Santa Claus house in the southwest corner. Rotarians have expressed a desire to improve the gazebo with a focus on live performances, but have not detailed any plans at this time.

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