As I remember it, Barry Goldwater once described Hubert Humphrey as “Hubert Horatio Wind, who speaks at the rate of (several hundred) words per minute with gusts up to...”

In other words, Sen. Humphrey was a motormouth. He was a piker, though, compared to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has probably blatted himself out of even the small chance of being confirmed president, with his latest pompous pronunciamento excommunicating pro-lifers and pro-gunners from his state.

I drove out West a couple of years ago and went through entire states where he could not be elected gypsy moth negotiator.

Well, as one of the benighted and denounced, I had a good cry over it all; it’s sad not to be wanted — and so unexpected too. I mean, I thought this was home, but since I don’t belong, can I be excused from state taxes?


Anyhow, then I realized Gov. Cuomo had done the country a favor by speaking so honestly. He has an ego every bit as expansive as that of his father Mario, but unlike his father, lacks the wisdom required to realize that every time he opens his yap and rolls those operatic eyes he alienates most everyone living between Binghamton and Bakersfield, Calif.

Dang, though, now we are stuck with him. Are we really, though? A little-known state senator, George Pataki, turned St. Mario out of office within the memory of the living, and upstate had much to do with his success. It can be done again.

Have you seen the map of counties that have expressed official opposition to the New York SAFE Act? Almost every county north of Westchester is included. Since we “have no place” in New York, maybe it’s time for us to go. Surely Gov. Cuomo would be glad to be done with us — and the feeling is emphatically mutual.

It’s time for West New York state.

 (Mr. Stengel lives in Friendship.)