On Saturday, July 20, the fifth anniversary of the Community Reunion was held at the usually beautiful War Veterans Park. The weather was a perfectly, immensely hot and humid summer day.

Once again, people came from faraway places to attend this community love fest. It is such a heart-warming experience to witness the hard work, dedication and love — not to mention the expense — that Charles and Vonnie Clemons, family and friends put into this event.

In the first place, the conception of this special reunion was an ingenious idea. Second, the work involved to pull it off year after year is next to a miracle. However, thanks to a strong, kind and reliable support system, it keeps going, seemingly without a glitch.

This yearly reunion is a reminder of all that is right in this world: faith, family, friends, music, good food and the opportunity to reconnect. We are grateful for a chance to come together in peace and love to enjoy something wonderful, if only for a day.

Thanks, and — knock on wood — hope to see you next year on the sixth repeat.

Ola Mae Gayton, Olean