On Veteran’s Day, I brought my father, who is 97 and served during World War II, to Olean for lunch. When we entered the restaurant, a woman who noticed his WWII cap approached him, shook his hand, hugged him and thanked him for his service.

Soon after, two young men and a young woman also thanked him for his service. During a brief conversation with the first young man, he stated that although he had not served, his grandfather and father had served. He further stated they had always taught him to respect veterans. My father was flustered by all the attention he received.

Later, when I attempted to pay for our meals, I learned the first young man, with whom we had the brief conversation, had paid for our meals. Unfortunately, we did not learn his name. We do send him a heartfelt thank you.

Your family must be proud of your character. We promise to pay it forward.

God bless you, all those who have served, and those who are serving.

Sharon Mohr Bailey, Olean