I read the following statement to the Farmersville Town Board on Sept. 23 (though it must have fallen on deaf ears as the three board members present approved both the host community and road agreements):

As I am reaching the end of my third term as a County Legislator, I have tried to be a fair and good representative for Cattaraugus County and District 3, which includes Farmersville. I hope you all remember you represent all the residents of Farmersville — your decisions should be for the good of the whole.

I have never stated I am for or against the windmill project. I feel I have never been able to get an honest answer to any questions.

I do not feel Invenergy has been honest and are unwilling to offer answers to any concerns our residents have. I have only heard one true statement, that being from the engineer who stated he didn’t know if the (excavation work for foundations) would harm our water supply.

There are there are three issues I would like to address:

What if the hours of flicker that many of our residents will experience causes migraines, seizures, sight problems, etc.?

What if the noise causes lack of sleep or general malaise or irritates some pre-existing conditions? I think there may be on this board some who may have conditions that could increase chances for flare up if exposed to flicker or noise. What if flicker or noise causes some illness or condition in our children and grandchildren and future children? Remember, this project will be here for many years.

Lastly, what if the (excavation) harms the pristine water supply we have here in Farmersville. It’s a fact, we cannot exist without water.

If you have the answers to any of the ifs, I would hope you would share with the residents of Farmersville. If not, I would hope before going forward you would try to find the answers.

Donna Vickman, Farmersville