I’m looking forward to fall. I feel a little guilty for saying this. Throughout a long, cold winter, I pined for warm weather, for summer. I find I’m feeling kind of ready for the next season again. It’s why some of us retirees stay north while others go south. We enjoy the seasons.

I guess it’s like when you’re a kid. The summer seems ENDLESS once you dart out that door at the end of an academic year. This is a good thing. You dream up the things you can do with that time. You carry out some. And then…a sort of boredom sets in; at least a craving for more to keep you occupied.

It’s not that you really want summer to be over because everyone likes the warmer days and all you can do within them. It’s great to travel and visit and just have fun without the rigors of school and structure. Grown-ups who have year-round work typically choose these nice periods for getaway vacations or staycations to get things done around the house.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved my summer. This past weekend, I spent time with family that included celebrating a birthday for a baby who turned one, and a birthday bonfire for my niece (who has disabilities) who turned 40. I got to hold the newest of my now 13 “grandies,” my grand-nephew Emmett, born two weeks ago.

Guests included two of my late nephew Luke’s boys, Miah and Theo, from Kentucky. It was great to see them, even though there was a little issue. Theo, 11, decided to hug me goodbye with the strongest squeeze he could muster. Before I could stop him, I learned he’s become very strong. Miah, 13, of course had to one-up his brother. I heard him say, “I’m going to pick you up,” and as my “Noooooo” came out, I was falling over.

Another incident of me flat out on the ground. Regular readers know this isn’t a rare thing for me. Miah felt bad and ran as my firefighter EMT nephew and others came to my assistance. Will, a chief, said, “I usually get paid for this,” as he helped me up, once assured I would be all right. I was in good company with another EMT nephew, an ER nurse and a nurse-to-be in the family and on-site as well. I caught up with Miah and assured him all was okay, even though I would take away new bruises for an already bum leg.

The day’s excitement didn’t stop when I got home. I leashed Lucy, who was ready for a brief walkabout before the dark fully set in. My neighbor awaited me on the porch with news that she had spotted Lucy outside on her own about 11 a.m. (What???) She couldn’t believe she was out there alone but when she saw her go to my back door and look up, she called our other neighbor. He came over, put her in the house and checked the windows for loose screens, finding none.

Lucy must have slipped past me in the morning when I was loading the car for the three events that would take place all day. Quite often, I’ve had to say, “Back!” while opening the door and she usually complies. Now, however, she wants to be outdoors all the time. I know, I started it by letting her lead me, still leashed, a couple weeks ago. With Sunday’s solo venture for nearly three hours, her longing to be outside is worse. The yowls have increased.

I’m just grateful she didn’t get hit by a car, as she wants to go over to the fence line and fields across the street—and probably did. When we walk, she wants to stick her head in the woodchuck hole under the garage—and probably did. I’m so thankful for observant and caring neighbors who watch out for not only me, but little Houdini Trouble-Finder Lucy! I am hoping, however, that when colder weather comes, she’ll settle down and be happy to have a cozy house again.

Summer also brought a little traveling and some fun activities. I participated in two trips to Chautauqua Institute concerts and had wonderful weather both days. Five friends from church accompanied me for a day and evening at Kingdom Bound Music Festival at Darien Lake. It was a long, hot day but the seminars and concerts were worth it.

I’ve sat on the porch and deck and enjoyed the days of summer. But like kids longing for their friends and the busy days of school, my rhythms still run on the cycle of the seasons. The coming of a new academic year is when I’ve always been ready to settle down, regroup and fashion some structure and routine into my days. It won’t be long.

In the meantime, I’ll soak up the remaining sunshine and warmth, enjoying each moment. God made a variety of seasons and I’m happy to be home again where I can experience them all.

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