GOWANDA — The Portville boys track and field team won the CCAA Div. II meet on Saturday, while the Panthers’ girls team was just five points shy of first-place Chautauqua Lake.

Portville won the boys’ meet, beating five other teams, by a 10-point margin over runner-up Chautauqua Lake. The Portville boys won eight events, including two each by Kyle North and Lucas Smith.

North won the 100-meter dash and long jump, while Smith won the shot put and discus and took third in the 200. Portville won two out of the three relays, the 400 and 1,600, and was second in the 3,200 relay.

Other individual winners included Braxton Stone in the 110 hurdles and Hunter Griffin in the long jump Stone also took second in the 400 hurdles.

Bryan Randolph (high jump) and Ethan Dean (400) both had a second-place finish, while Jayden Lassiter (100, shot put) and Matt Snyder (1,600, 3,200) both had two third-place finishes. Kyle Stone was third in the 110 hurdles and Ben Isaman third in the 800.

Salamanca freshman Arlen Newark won two events: the 800 and 1,600-meter runs.

For Cattaraugus-Little Valley, John Visnesky was second in the 3,200 and Aiden Hoover was third in the pole vault and 400 hurdles.

Another double-winner, Chautauqua Lake’s Dominic Cusimano, won the 200 and 400.

On the girls’ side, Jenna Wyant led Portville as a double-winner, taking the 100 and 400.

Jackie Daley won the 200 and was second in the 100 while Samantha Bray won the 1,500 and was second in the 3,000. Olivia Dean won the pole vault.

Also for Portville, Aryanna Hatch had a second-place (400) and third-place finish (100 hurdles).

Ava Haynes (800) and Olivia Cook (high jump) both took third. Portville won two relays, the 400 and 1,600, and was third in the 3,200.

For the Salamanca girls, Jillian Rea took second in the throwing events, shot put and discus, while Harley Brown was second in the 400 hurdles. Aliyah Lee took third in the pole vault.

F/E girls claim Div. III crown; boys secondRANDOLPH — The Franklinville/Ellicottville girls track and field team won the CCAA Div. III meet on Saturday, topping a group of six teams.

Hayly Fredrickson led the Titans with four top-three individual performances, including a victory in the 100-meter hurdles. She was also second in the 400 hurdles and pole vault and third in the long jump. Teammate Anna Slavinski won the 400 hurdles.

Also for the F/E girls,

Tyyetta Herman was second in the 100 and third in the 400, Mandy Hurlburt was second in the 100 hurdles and third in the high jump, Tarryn Herman was second in the shot put and Alysa Williams third in the 3,000. F/E’s relay teams had two second-place finishes (400, 3,200) and a third (1,600).

For the West Valley girls team, Janay Ghani won both the 100 and 200-meter dashes.

Other double-winners included Frewsburg’s Gracie Conlan (long and triple jumps) and Maple Grove’s Tessa Mozzi (shot put and discus).

On the boys’ side, the F/E boys took second out of seven teams. Noah Steinbroner won the 100 and 200-meter dashes for the Titans.

Tavi Riling (3,200) and Wyatt Tinelli (pole vault) both had second-place finishes, Connor Terwilliger had two third-place finishes (110 hurdles, triple jump) and Maddox Bush (1,600) and Cayden Hatch (400) both finished third.

For West Valley, which took fifth, Chris Amodeo won the 400, took second in the 100 and was third in both the 200 and long jump. Rodney Boberg (400 hurdles) and Nolan Spencer (discus) both had third-place finishes.

Clymer/Sherman/Panama’s John Swabik was a quadruple-winner with the 110 hurdles, high jump, long jump and pole vault. Randolph’s Roan Kelly won the 1,600 and 800.

BOYS TRACK AT GOWANDA Portville 178, Chautauqua Lake 168, Gowanda 53, Cattaraugus-Little Valley 34, Silver Creek/Forestville 24, Salamanca 20

100: North (P) 12.1, Vogtli (G), Lassiter (P) 200: Cusimano (CL) 24.4, Randolph (P), Smith (P) 400: Speagle (CL) 55.3, Dean (P), Ferrino (CL) 800: Newark (S) 2:05.5, Quintero (CL), Isaman (P) 1,600: Newark (S) 4:53.4, D’Anthony (CL), Snyder (P) 3,200: Quintero (CL) 11:17.7, Visnesky (CLV), Snyder (P) 400 relay: Portville (North, Holcomb, Griffin, Lassiter) 46.7, Chautauqua Lake 1,600 relay: Portville (Szymanski, Isaman, Dean, Griffin) 3:50.0, Chautauqua Lake, Silver Creek/Forestville 3,200 relay: Chautauqua Lake (Putney, Speagle, D’Anthony, Quintero) 9:05.5, Portville 110 hurdles: B. Stone (P) 17.1, Harbison (G), K. Stone (P) 400 hurdles: Cusimano (CL) 1:03.8, B. Stone (P), Hoover (CLV) Long jump: North (P) 18-10, Speagle (CL), Sauerland (CL) Triple jump: Griffin (P) 38-0.5, Vogtli (G), Anderson (CL) High jump: Sauerland (CL) 5-9, Randolph (P), Harbison (G) Shot put: Smith (P) 36-11.5, Stalter (CL), Lassiter (P) Discus: Smith (P) 113-8, Swogger (CL), Stalter (CL) Pole vault: Simora (CL) 7-10, Hoover (CLV)

AT RANDOLPH Clymer/Sherman/Panama 132.5, Franklinville/Ellicottville 102, Randolph 101.75, Maple Grove 89.75, West Valley 49, Frewsburg 33, Westfield/Brocton 11

100: Steinbroner (FE) 11.3, Amodeo (WV), Constantino (FR) 200: Steinbroner (FE) 23.0, Constantino (FR), Amodeo (WV) 400: Amodeo (WV) 52.6, Rowland (R) 53.4, Hatch (FE) 800: Kelly (R) 2:11.6, White (CSP), Cornell (MG) 1,600: Kelly (R) 4:48.1, White (CSP), Bush (FE) 3,200: Baer (MG) 10:42.3, Riling (FE), Pitts (FR) 400 relay: Maple Grove 47.0, Clymer/Sherman/Panama, Franklinville/Ellicottville 1,600 relay: Franklinville/Ellicottville 3:46.0, Randolph, Maple Grove 3,200 relay: Maple Grove 8:57.9, Franklinville/Ellicottville, Clymer/Sherman/Panama 110 hurdles: Swabik (CSP) 15.7,Eimiller (MG), Terwilliger (FE) 400 hurdles: Eimiller (MG) 60.0, Svetz (CSP), Boberg (WV) Long jump: Swabik (CSP) 20-9, Kopta (CSP), Amodeo (WV) Triple jump: Conley (R) 38-11.5, Kopta (CSP), Terwilliger (FE) High jump: Swabik (CSP) 6-3, Eimiller (MG), Svetz (CSP) Shot put: Marshall (MG) 41-7, Huntington (R), Carpenter (R) Discus: Huntington (R) 122-1.5, Paternosh (WB), Spencer (WV) Pole vault: Swabik (CSP) 11-6, Tinelli (FE), Crouse (R)

GIRLS TRACK AT GOWANDA Chautauqua Lake 146, Portville 141, Silver Creek/Forestville 134, Salamanca 57, Gowanda 26, Cattaraugus-Little Valley 2

100: Je. Wyant (P) 13.5, Ja. Daley (P), Castiglia (SC) 200: Ja. Daley (P) 28.0, Ju. Wyant, Procknal (SC) 400: Je. Wyant (P) 1:02.7, Hatch (P), Procknal (SC) 800: Keefe (CL) 2:27.8, Flick (SC), Haynes (P) 1,500: Bray (P) 5:32.7, Kushmaul (CL), Pupo (G) 3,000: Kushmaul (CL) 12:44.3, Bray (P), Roush (CL) 400 relay: Portville (Ja. Daley, Je. Daley, Je. Wyant, Ju. Wyant) 51.8, Silver Creek/Forestville, Chautauqua Lake 1,600 relay: Portville (Je. Wyant, Cook, Haynes, Hatch) 4:30.0, Chautauqua Lake, Silver Creek/Forestville 3,200 relay: Chautauqua Lake (Keefe, Roush, Kushmaul, Erickson) 10:48.8, Portville, Gowanda 100 hurdles: Zarpentine (CL) 19.3, Brown (CL, Hatch (P) 400 hurdles: Brown (CL) 1:13.7, Brown (S), Beadle (SC) Long jump: Alfa (CL) 14-9, Procknal (SC), Penman (SC) Triple jump: Penman (SC) 29-10, Erickson (CL), Zarpentine (CL) High jump: Beadle (SC) 4-5, Keefe (CL), Cook (P) Shot put: Beadle (SC) 35-2.5, Rea (S) 30-9, Carson (CL) Discus: Beadle (SC) 78-6, Rea (S), Mullen (SC) 75-4 Pole vault: Dean (P) 7-0, Romanik (SC), Lee (S)

AT RANDOLPH Franklinville/Ellicottville 135.5, Maple Grove 121, Clymer/Sherman/Panama 91.5, Frewsburg 62, Randolph 60, Westfield/Brocton 22, West Valley 21

100: Ghani (WV) 13.1, T-Fisher (CSP)/Ty. Herman (FE) 200: Ghani (WV) 26.5, Fisher (CSP), Ty. Herman (FE) 400: Barber (FR) 1:00.0, Ty. Herman (FE), Grotto (CSP) 800: Crist (MG) 2:25.0, Barber (FR), Baer (MG) 1,500: Brunenavs (MG) 5:14.9, Bohall (MG), Schauman (CSP) 3,000: Peppy (MG) 11:04.1, Tarbrake (MG), Williams (FE) 400 relay: Randolph 55.2, Franklinville/Ellicottville, Frewsburg 1,600 relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama 4:25.4, Randolph, Franklinville/Ellicottville 3,200 relay: Maple Grove 10:01.7, Franklinville/Ellicottville, Clymer/Sherman/Panama 100 hurdles: Fredrickson (FE) 17.5, M. Hurlburt (FE), T-Rammelt (WB)/FoleyMG) 400 hurdles: Slavinski (FE) 1:13.7, Fredrickson (FE), Persons (CSP) Long jump: Conlan (FR) 15-1.5, Rivera (WB), Fredrickson (FE) Triple jump: Conlan (FR) 32-0, Foley (MG), Johnson (CSP) High jump: Foley (MG) 4-8, Gratto (CSP), M. Hurlburt (FE) Shot put: Mozzi (MG) 29-9, Ta. Herman (FE), Waterman (R) Discus: Mozzi (MG) 91-10, South (FR), Waterman (R) Pole vault: Inkley (R) 8-9, Fredrickson (FE), Adams (R)

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