Decades of the Territorial Cup: The University of Arizona vs. Arizona State University football rivalry game, from 1975 to present. 

The Arizona Daily Star's Greg Hansen compiled the stats for the decades:

Here’s a look at the last 50 years and how the Territorial Cup rivals have been good, bad and all over the map. Their records:

1970s: Sun Devils 90-28; Wildcats 60-51-1.

1980s: Sun Devils 72-36-4; Wildcats 63-40-6.

1990s: Wildcats 71-46-1; Sun Devils, 58-55.

2000s: Sun Devils 65-58; Wildcats, 49-69.

2010s: Sun Devils, 73-56; Wildcats, 63-65.

What is most compelling about the decade-by-decade numbers is that the Sun Devils have never had a losing decade. Overall edge in victories: ASU 358, Arizona 306.

But over the last 40 seasons, the difference has subtly shifted. Arizona leads the Territorial Cup series 20-19-1 the last four decades. Content Exchange

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