Nebraska football practice, 4.7

Nebraska outside linebacker Damian Jackson (right) registered among the top achievers in the Huskers' strength index testing, which was conducted before spring ball started. Content Exchange

Some Nebraska football players have been usual suspects this week as the program has rolled out its top achievers in performance and strength index testing. 

That trend continued Friday when NU moved from the agility and athleticism metrics to weightlifting results. 

Once again, defensive backs Phalen Sanford, Deontai Williams and Cam Taylor-Britt, offensive lineman Cam Jurgens and linebacker Chris Kolarevic were all among the top performers. 

Also not a surprise: They were joined in the top weight room group by outside linebacker and former Navy SEAL Damian Jackson. 

The top six are ordered by index points, a formula that takes into account both how much weight is lifted and how much the player weighs. The way former strength coach Boyd Epley and his staff anchored the index numbers is to start with the basis that 500 points represents a good, solid Division I athlete. 

For example, center Cameron Jurgens led the way in raw numbers among the top performers with a 405-pound hang clean and a 723-pound squat, but he is also the heaviest of the six at 290½ pounds. So, where does he fall in terms of index points? 

Here are the results. 

Hang Clean

538 points: DB Phalen Sanford (Weight: 200. Lifted: 325) 

537 points: DB Cam Taylor-Britt (Weight: 198. Lifted: 307) 

534 points: ILB Chris Kolarevic (Weight: 228. Lifted: 345) 

521 points: C Cam Jurgens (Weight: 290½. Lifted: 405) 

519 points: OLB Damian Jackson (Weight: 270. Lifted: 385) 

513 points: S Deontai Williams (Weight: 203. Lifted: 316) 


608 points: Jackson (Weight: 270. Lifted: 644) 

563 points: Jurgens (Weight: 290½. Lifted: 723)

557 points: Taylor-Britt (Weight: 198. Lifted: 525) 

520 points: Kolarevic (Weight: 228. Lifted: 525). 

518 points: Sanford (Weight: 200. Lifted: 500) 

505 points: Williams (Weight: 203. Lifted: 488) 

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