70 years later, missing girl still discussed
KATE DAY SAGER/Olean Times Herald Fifth-grade students at School Street Elementary School in Bradford, Pa., hold up a reward poster that was issued after little Marjory West went missing during a Mother's Day picnic in 1938. The students are researching the story in conjunction with the 70th anniversary of the tragedy that shook the community and is still talked about today.

BRADFORD, Pa. - It was Mother's Day and little Marjory West likely wanted to surprise her mom with flowers she picked all by herself in the woods.

When 4-year-old Marjory didn't return to the family picnic site on May 8, 1938, her family became alarmed and began searching. In the days and weeks that would follow, the thousands who took up the search for the child in the woods south of Marshburg came up empty-handed. And to this day Marjory has never been found.

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