Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa as Baba Voss in Apple TV+’s “See.”

We admit to being way behind on this — we aren’t exactly wired into popular culture and we certainly don’t stream a lot of TV shows.

But we stumbled across some interesting tidbits about an Apple TV+ show that appears to be doing relatively well — “See,” starring Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista.

Again, while we haven’t actually watched the show, it seems the premise of this sci-fi series is that in the 21st century a deadly virus wiped out most of humanity — and permanently blinded the few remaining survivors. Centuries later, tribes of humans have developed incredible abilities to function without sight — so much so that deadly conflicts can still arise between groups.

In Season 1 of “See,” which was produced in 2019, one of those groups is the so-called Alkenny, which it seems refers to the Allegheny River. There is also an evil Queen Kane who lives at what is called the Kanzua Dam — you get it, right? The Kinzua Dam.

Season 1 also includes some sort of quest in which characters float downriver seeking a promised land and the House of Enlightenment. If the river can only be the Allegheny, is the House of Enlightenment in what is today Pittsburgh?

All very interesting from the viewpoint of folks in this area. We tried some internet searching to seek articles in which creators of the series reveal any connections to the area that might have served as inspirations for the story lines and the place names — but we didn’t find anything.

Snippets from promo ads for the series make it clear there’s a snowy forest vibe to the setting, but filming has been in British Columbia, definitely not the Allegheny National Forest.

We will continue to try and find out more about how the Allegheny River and Kinzua Dam were incorporated into the “See” storyline. Meanwhile, if any readers out there have come across anything we missed, perhaps they might share it.

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